Stewart Postharvest Review was developed from the recognition that scientists in postharvest research are experiencing increasing difficulty keeping up to date with the expanding volume of information published in this area.


The aim of the journal is to act as an essential resource for scientists worldwide by providing reviews of high quality to an international audience who wish to be kept updated of developments in postharvest research. Reviews incorporate information relevant to diverse branches of postharvest biology and technology and are packaged in an easily read format so that postharvest scientists can be updated of ongoing research from this single source.

Each issue contains:

  • Review articles written and reviewed by specialists from different branches of postharvest research. Each review features an overview of the subject, cites recent developments in the area and expresses the author's opinion of the limitations, implications of the findings and possible directions for future research
  • References highlighted as interesting/important based on the recommendations of each specialist; each reference is accompanied by a brief annotation describing reasons for the article's importance to the reader

The journal publishes a few supplements per year. Each supplement focuses on an area of leading research in either academia or industry. The Editors and Editorial Advisory Board decide on topics to be covered.


Stewart Postharvest Review is archived by Library and Archives Canada . Click here to go to the archive.


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Editorial Advisory Board

Editor-in-Chief - Professor Vijaya Raghavan

Bioresource Engineering Department

Macdonald Campus of McGill University

Quebec, Canada


Associate Editor - Dr Valerie Orsat

Bioresource Engineering Department

Macdonald Campus of McGill University

Quebec, Canada