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Stewart Postharvest Review is now in its 11th year and continues to publish review articles across the full spectrum of postharvest research pertaining to grain, fruits and vegetables. The Journal's scope encompasses: quality; economics and marketing; handling, packaging and transport; engineering and electronics; storage; ripening and senescence; spoilage, deterioration and losses; and drying. Articles on minimal processing are also included at the Editor's discretion. 

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Vijaya Raghavan, McGill University, Montreal
Frequency: 4-6 issues per year                                                          
ISSN: 1745-9656

1. Preservation of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables: current status and emerging technologies - Cited by 2

2. Isolation and stabilisation of natural pigments for food applications  - Cited by 19

3. The role of abscisic acid and ethylene in onion bulb dormancy and sprout suppression - Cited by 7

4. Development of the abscission zone  - Cited by 16

5. Sources of enteric pathogen contamination of fruits and vegetables: future directions of research - Cited by 3  

6. Alternatives to conventional fungicides for the control of citrus postharvest green and blue moulds - Cited by 87

7. Enzymatic browning and its control in fresh-cut produce - Cited by 15

8. The use of botanicals by resource poor farmers in Africa and Asia for the protection of stored agricultural products  - Cited by 15

9. Induced resistance in postharvest fruits and vegetables by chemicals and its mechanism - Cited by 30 

10. Use of breeding to customise characteristics of medicinal and aromatic plants to postharvest processing requirements  - Cited by 5

1. Decontamination strategies for fresh-cut produce  - Cited by 9

2. The effect of 1-MCP on the development of physiological storage disorders in horticultural crops - Cited by 16

3. Role and evolution of fruit phenolic compounds during ripening and storage  - Cited by 20

4. Metabolic shifts in sugars during floral senescence  Related articles 

5. Advances in food packaging – a review - Cited by 2

6. Overview of the methods for assessing harvest maturity - Cited by 6

7. Edible coatings: past, present and future - Cited by 6

8. Enzymatic browning and its control in fresh-cut produce - Cited by 14 

9. Growth and ripening stage at harvest modulates postharvest quality and bioactive compounds with antioxidant activity - Cited by 1

10. Postharvest physiology and storage of ber - Cited by 9